A-Frame Cycles is focused on bringing neo-retro concepts to life. Drawing heavily on 90's and early 2000's fixed gear culture, each product is designed to last a lifetime.

Warranty Policy

A-FRAME CYCLES (A-Frame) warrants to the original retail purchaser that our frames are free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the original retail purchaser. This warranty is offered solely to the original retail purchaser and is not transferable to subsequent purchasers.

A-Frame's sole obligation under this warranty is to, at its discretion, (a) repair the defect at no charge, (b) exchange the frame with a frame that is functionally equivalent to the original frame, or (c) credit the original frame purchase price towards the purchase of a new frame. A-Frame must be notified in writing of any claim under this warranty within 60 days of discovering any defect.

This warranty is subject to the following conditions:

  1. All A-Frame frames are made to order and according to drawings confirmed by customers. We guarantee our products meet the requirements of orders/drawings. If any discrepancies against the orders/drawings happen, we will recall the product free of charge, replace or repair it.
  2. If any quality problem happens within five years from the date of delivery, return & exchange requests will be accepted. The cost of transportation to and from A-Frame is covered by A-Frame. The transportation cost is limited to the exchange of defective frames between A-Frame and the customer.
  3. If any quality problem happens beyond the five-year time period from the date of delivery, repair service requests will be accepted. The cost of repair and transportation to and from A-Frame is the responsibility of the buyer.
  4. A-Frame does not warrant frames against any damage, failure, or loss caused by abuse, neglect, improper repair, improper maintenance, alteration, modification, an accident or crash, or other abnormal, excessive, or improper use, including, but not limited to, stunt riding, ramp jumping acrobatics, or other similar activities, or in any manner for which the A-Frame bicycle was not designed. A-Frame is willing to offer paid repair services against the above situations. Repair costs depend on the specific circumstances, and A-Frame is not responsible for any other extra charges caused by these situations.
  5. Normally, the repair period is less than one month. If the repair takes longer than usual under special circumstances, A-Frame will contact the customer in advance and tell the exact completion time.
  6. Every frame made by A-Frame has its unique serial number engraved on the bottom of the bottom bracket to track the record and offer better after-sales service.

To the extent that any defect or failure is reasonably attributable to abuse, misuse, alteration, modification, accident, neglect, improper assembly, installation or maintenance, or other abnormal, excessive, or improper conditions or use, this warranty will be void.

The duration of any implied warranty or condition of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or otherwise on any A-Frame frame shall be limited to the duration of the warranty as set out above. In no event shall A-Frame be liable for any loss, inconvenience, or damage whether direct, incidental, consequential, or otherwise, resulting from breach of any express or implied warranty or condition except as set forth herein.

This warranty will be interpreted pursuant to the laws of the United States and shall be treated in all respects as a United States contract.