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MAHAL Track Handlebars

MAHAL Track Handlebars

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Engineered for performance, the MAHAL track handlebars are 3D printed from Aluminum (AlSi10Mg) and are designed to withstand the highest level of track racing, from standing starts to full-power sprints. The unique curvature of the bars combined with a shallow drop allows for a tucked-in and  aggressive riding position all while keeping the wrists neutral.

The bars are in accordance with the UCI handlebar rules but are not UCI registered meaning you can race them at all levels except for the 2024 Olympics.

For this prototype run, we will be offering three sizes: 32mm C-C, 30mm C-C, and 27mm C-C.

Please note that due to the geometry of the bars, the front end is closer together than the drops:
32mm C-C: 28mm, 30mm C-C: 26mm, 27mm C-C: 23mm

Lead time is approximately 6 weeks. Bars will be powder-coated in a matte black finish and shipped afterwards. 

30cm bars weigh approximately 550g.

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